Armed Security

We protect what matters most to you.

The right security personnel bring you peace of mind that can’t be matched. We are experts in early detection and prevention. Clients look to Securida to elevate their safety and ongoing awareness. You want a productive workday, a homelife free from disruption, and social events where you’re comfortable cutting loose.

As a leading Twin Cities and Minneapolis security company, the Securida team offers top-tier services for each of these settings. We provide security guards and prevention patrols to commercial properties, residential properties, special events, and construction crews. Our highly-trained staff is equipped to monitor, coordinate, communicate, and deploy attentive on-site protocols that keep your guests and property thriving at their best.

Our licensed Minnesota security guards address potential concerns and deal with immediate threats. We keep you and your teams abreast of all activity on your premises and meet the directives for how you want your operations to proceed. We’re here for your protection and your complete peace of mind. Armed Security

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