A Girl, A Gun and a Dream

Where did StagScents start? Sitting in a deer stand in deep East Texas as yet another weekend passed with all my tags still unused.

The game cam showed some nice deer. Feeder stayed full. All the work had been done clearing the lane, bush hogging weeks before season and still… nothing. A couple of trips to town for canisters of attractant, powders of every flavor to add to the corn and even a gallon of super sticky syrup, the morning and evening hunts still came up empty. There I sat, mosquito bitten and frustrated.

Refilling the feeder, I noticed the powders were strong. But when the dust settled, so did the scent. And that’s when it hit me! How did I get the scent pushed out to the deer?!?! What I needed was a way to propel the scent out to the deer and bring them and their curious noses to me. Let me introduce you to my little friend… StagScents.

After a couple of seasons perfecting scent recipes and filling the freezer with those bucks now visiting, I expanded out to include a cover scent (with bonus bug repellent) and a cleaning solution.

To find out more, take a look at the website, visit the store, or send an email! During East Texas white tail season, expect a little delay in responses 😉 Hog

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